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Only the residences matching the criteria "Age" and "Type of accommodation requested" you just selected will be offered to you.

The information collected in this form are subject to computer processing for internal and external purposes to our partners and to satisfy legal and regulatory obligations. According to the French Computer and Liberties Law of January 6, 1978, the applicant has an access, rectification and retraction right on his private information.

Choose a residence

Depending on your geographical location, and the type of lodging you are looking for (bedroom, flatshare, studio), select the three most interesting institutions according to you. Furthermore, even if the three of them is unavailable, your application would be automatically transferred to all of our residences.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to positively respond to all requests: more than a thousand a year, for less than a hundred accommodations freed. Therefore, a rightful submission file, filled with all supporting documents, is necessary to enable our selection board to make a selection. Otherwise, your application will be definitely left out.

Complete the dossier

To submit your candidature, first complete a form and attach all requested supporting documents. Even if the list of these documents should be adapted to your personal situation, you will still be able to add any document you consider necessary, or helpful. 

WARNING : you must provide and TRANSFER all supporting documents. How ? By the end of your inscription, an e-mail shall occur giving your future username and password. That very e-mail contains a list of all the documentation subsequently needed. Take a moment to gather it beforehand, meaning necessarily in PDF version. Then, do not miss the “transférer les pieces pour examen” button, which allows us to have access to your file. 

MANDATORY : a VISALE guarantee is required. That is a certification for unpaid rent issued by Action Logement. Do not neglect to mention your future or actual APL subvention. You can inquire a VISALE guarantee on, it is strictly compulsory to get into our housing program.
If you do not meet Action Logement standards (i.e. underaged, coming from outside of Europe…) a physical guarantor, responsible and answerable for all unpaid bills, will be needed.

Finally, none of uncompleted files is examined. It is peremptory to include all documents as soon as you subscribe, or to explain in the designated area the reason why it’s currently unmanageable. 

Keep an eye on your mailbox

More than 13 000 aspirants apply a year. Only 1 300  accomodations would be available. The decisive nature of a file completion shall be stressed. 
We are committed to reply and be as helpful as possible to all applicants. A mailbox is included in your personal account, in order to keep in contact with our team. Updates would be given this way. 

Warning : after including all documentation asked for in your personal account, do not miss “transférer les pieces pour examen” button.

At last, after transferring it all, your access to these very documents shall close, to enable our selection committee to review it, until a decision is reached. Thus, you shall be able to update it and add missing PDFs only after it is sent back to you.